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Hiring the right people is key to the success of all companies and organizations. Ctrl A Technologies Staffing recruiters have access to thousands of active and passive candidates, making it easier to find the talent you need. Our expertise comes from decades of conducting meetings, interviews, listening and other lessons learned along the way.

We source, qualify, and shortlist the most suitable candidates sending you only the very best fit for your requirements, saving you time and effort. Through developing a thorough understanding of your company and your role, we are able to fully brief our candidates to ensure we are making the process as efficient as possible for you - you will only meet candidates who are serious about working with you.

Consultation with the client company

Our consultant will either visit or call the client company for a detailed discussion on the search criteria and current efforts to fill the role. If not already in place Terms and Conditions will be confirmed at this point.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Ctrl A Technologies RPO program takes the entire process of recruitment, hiring and onboarding and puts it in the hands of recruitment experts committed to filling your permanent clinical positions with the right candidates.